Portfolio Companies Batch #1

Portfolio Companies

The founders of HipFire Games have a background in working with renowned game developers such as Supercell, Rovio, and Housemarque. They are pioneering the multiplayer VR field and focusing on making the most of human-to-human interaction in their games. This is reflected in their latest VR title, Failspace, which hinges on teamwork and communication. Read more about HipFire Games: http://www.hipfirevr.com
Evocat is a game studio founded by eight students from Kajaani, Northern Finland. The team has been previously awarded for its original title, Nemesis Perspective, that will be getting a sequel in the near future. The studio aims to produce top quality VR experiences for players all around the world. For more information: http://evocatgames.com



Immersal is developing an AR-based infotainment product that enables navigation, matchmaking, and gaming in different environments such as fairs, malls, and stadiums. For businesses, the AR platform provides new and innovative ways to reach customers through marketing communications by utilizing the virtual space of fair centers and other venues. Immersal currently employs eight AR specialists. For more information: http://immersal.com



Pikseli Arcade is the first VR-based entertainment venue in Nordics, where the customers may play games and watch short films with VR headsets. In addition to Pikseli, Virva VR has launched their own software that is designed for managing daily business and various VR content at the arcade. For more information: http://pikseli.fi

 Catland is a Finnish game developer that specializes in virtual reality. The game studio is known for its Taphouse VR “bar simulator” that is currently under development. For more information: https://catland.studio



Advrty is a Swedish team of mobile gaming and advertising professionals that are developing a VR/AR-based platform for integrated advertising solutions. The goal of the company is to create a new market for advertising that does not interrupt the user experience but becomes part of it instead. For more information: https://www.advrty.com